About Us

Freedom College is a non-profit social venture based in Sri Lanka and registered as an educational startup under ICTA: the Apex body for ICT in Sri Lanka. We are a global online campus providing quality educational programmes at undergraduate and postgraduate level that match qualifications from accredited global education providers. We use a fusion of technology and tradition, to provide traditional academic programmes using a self-paced online lessons in coursebook format using open content prepared by universities and colleges.

What we offer?

We provide over 50 free online undergraduate and postgraduate certificate courses with a Certificate of Completion on completion of learning outcomes in partnership with School of Business & Trade an online business college based in Switzerland. In addition to these we also offer over 20 online certificate courses from our own campus. This allows the students from developing countries and students facing educational constraints towards higher education to progress in their careers.

How to graduate and how we maintain academic standards?

Any students who would like to convert these courses into a graduate programme and earn a verified programme certificate together with a transcript showing programme credits, could do so at a fraction of the cost due to lack of tuition fees of a similar programme in partnership with School of Business & Trade.

It is mandatory for the students to make sure that they have completed the required courses for the chosen programme before requesting a graduate certificate. Qualifications at certificate and diploma levels would be offered without a proctoring service.

In order to maintain academic standards, qualifications from higher diploma level would be provided if the student selects a third party online global exam proctoring service or requests for invigilator based exam proctoring service from Freedom College at a pre-scheduled venue, date and time within Greater Colombo area in Sri Lanka. The certificate fee and proctoring free has to be paid directly to the service provider. The lessons are provided tuition-free. Please note that we only issue certificates in PDF format for international students and Sri Lankan students could request a printed certificate at an additional fee. The PDF certificate can be printed out by the student preferably on 100gms paper via a colour laser printer.

What we do beyond Freedom College?

We are also working towards offering free online bachelor’s degrees, diplomas and certificates in the Sinhala and Tamil languages under the campus name Sri Lanka World University and School in partnership with World University and School an online university based in the United States. The Founder of Freedom College has also been appointed the Chancellor of the proposed Sri Lankan campus. Any institutions or individuals requiring partnerships, e-learning solutions or course materials could contact us to discuss further on working together. We could help to build an LMS using Moodle platform and share course contents.