About Us

Freedom College is a non-profit social venture based in Sri Lanka and registered as an educational startup under ICTA: the Apex body for ICT in Sri Lanka. We are a global provider of tuition-free and free courses via our partners. Our quality educational programmes at college level match qualifications from accredited global education providers at a fraction of the cost. We have served learners and teachers from: Sri Lanka, United States of America, United Kingdom, Canada, France, Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia, Philippines, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Jamaica, Ethiopia, Kenya and Lesotho. We now accept cryptocurrencies as a payment mode on multiple cryptocurrency platforms.

We have now partnered with School of Business & Trade, a distant business college based in Switzerland to offer 50 tuition free online undergraduate and postgraduate certificate courses with a Certificate of Completion on completion of the learning outcomes. These programmes can be proctored on request, in order to maintain college level academic standards, prevent impersonation and prevent exam malpractices. We are also preparing the ground for a free degree in partnership World University and School based in the United States of America.