Coin Name: Nidahas Coin

Coin Ticker: NDHS

Coin ID: 3bce8536d0c488b3cfe9f24490362ad09781b5b68acac6f3af43dd228192e715

Creator: Freedom College aka Nidahas Vidyalaya

Accumulate: Purchase / Giveaway / Giveback / Donate

Initial Value: LKR 0.01 = USD 0.000052

Total Supply: Limited to 10,000,000 Coins

Initial Supply: 5,000,000 (First Phase)

Tradeback / Liqudity: Digital Goods (First Phase) / Cryptocurrencies (Second Phase) / Fiat (Final Phase)

Description: Nidahas Coin is minted by Freedom College to provide incentives for tuition-free, continuous, self-learning and e-learning. The Coin also takes into consideration the need for a coin that is truly Sri Lankan and to build awareness on cryptocurrencies as a future mode of payment. It was launched on 04th February 2021, when the whole nation is celebrating the Independence Day of Sri Lanka.

The Coin is limited to 10,000,000 coins which allows the coin to increase value with circulation and scarcity. It is temporarily pegged at LKR 0.01 ~ $ 0.000052 until maturity and it is a private coin with the strength of Privacy Coin (PRV) behind it. Decimal denominations are not promoted, as the Coin represents the smallest unit in the Sri Lankan currency. The Coin uses a hybrid methodology for value creation.

The holders of the Coin could exchange the coin with the Creator, to purchase goods or services provided by the Creator. The Creator would use the growing goodwill, non-profit nature of initiative, investments of the holders, donations and revenue after break-even from the sales from to improve liquidity and value. Suggestions, support, collaborations and donations are encouraged to take the initiative to greater heights.

Wallet Address (Only From Endorsed Wallets)


Purchase or Donate using Coinbase

Please contact us for purchasing coins, donations from other wallets and free giveaway of coins. It is mandatory to use a wallet endorsed by to send or receive Nidahas Coins.